New addition to HCGS services: Digital PCR

The QuantStudio® 3D Digital PCR System produces absolute quantification data. It uses a sealed chip technology, and is cost effective, reliable, and robust for performing digital PCR on small numbers of samples (1-24).  

The applications are diverse and include:

  • Copy Number Variation (CNV)
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Quantification
  • Rare Mutation Detection Using Digital PCR
  • Differential Gene Expression
  •  Absolute Quantification of Viral Load Using Digital PCR
  • Low Level Pathogen Detection Using Digital PCR



The QuantStudio® 3D Digital PCR System is available for use.  We will process your samples for you or you can process your own samples after you have completed a training session by HCGS staff.  Standard supplies are available from the HCGS.  To arrange training and schedule time for use of this instrument contact Stephen Simpson 

The instrument uses TaqMan® probe sets available for a wide array of applications and custom synthesis. 

For more information from the vendor's site click here.

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