Hubbard Center for Genome Studies

Services and Pricing

Current Pricing guidelines

We provide consultation on sample preparation and pooling for the best use of the HiSeq sequencer.
The following table summarizes the current pricing guidelines.

Service  FY21 Unit
2 x 150 Rapid  $   3,000.00 Lane
2 x 250 Rapid  $   4,000.00 Lane
Digital PCR  $          70.00 reaction
Bioanalyzer DNA 1000  $          73.00 chip
Bioanalyzer RNA nano  $          62.00 chip
Bioanalyzer DNA high sensitivity  $          95.00 chip
QubitDNA  $             4.50 sample
QubitRNA  $             6.00 sample
Size Selection (Agarose gel based)  $          62.00 sample
Size Selection (Blue Pippin -- per sample if cartidge is full)  $          30.00  
Size Selection (Blue Pippin--per cartridge if not filled)  $       153.00  
Sample pooling/normalizaton  $          64.00 pool (up to 96)
KapaRNA Hyperprep  $       140.00 library
Kapa Hyperplus DNA library  $          67.00 library
Genotyping by sequencing (GBS Libraries per plate)  $       633.00 plate (96)
Amplicon Libraries (adapter only)  $       220.00 plate (96)
Amplicon Libraries (two step)  $       410.00 plate (96)
Bioinformatics Services  $          96.00 hour
Lab Services  $          44.00 hour
*all other services will be quoted upon request    

General Sample Submission Requirements

Samples must be submitted in properly sealed and clearly labeled tubes or, preferably, 96-well PCR plates.

Samples should be a standard volume and concentration (quantified using fluorescence-based assays), which are determined based on the specific library being requested (see Specific Sample Submission Requirements below).

Sample submission must be approved prior to the samples being sent to HCGS (email confirmation) and preceded by an Excel sample sheet with a list of sample names, tube/well identifiers, concentrations, volumes and project names.

Also included in the service request email should be (1) a brief description of the project, (2) total number of samples, (3) list of requested services, (4) special request or handling/care instructions, (5) names of the PI(s) and (6) appropriate identifiers for grants and/or other funding sources.

Library Specific Sample Submission Requirements

NOTE: Volumes are based on the recommend input for the library preps described, however, providing double the suggested volume is recommended.

Illumina TruSeq PCR-free DNA Library

For a 550bp insert size, 2ug of gDNA in a total volume of 55ul is recommended
For a 350bp insert size, 1ug of gDNA in a total volume of 55ul is recommended

Illumina TruSeq Stranded RNA Library

0.1 – 1.0ug of total RNA in a total volume of 10ul

Illumina Nextera Standard Library

50ng of gDNA in a total volume of 20ul

Illumina Nextera Dilute Library

gDNA should be sent at a concentration of 2.5ng/ul in a total volume of 10ul

Illumina Mate Pair Library

Gel-plus protocol, 4ug in a total volume of 200ul

Gel-free protocol, 1ug in a total volume of 50ul

Illumina Chip Seq

5 – 10ng of ChIP-enriched, fragmented DNA in a total volume of 50ul

Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS)

200ng of gDNA in a total volume of 10ul

Samples must be quantified using a fluorometric dye (e.g. Qubit) and at the correct concentration and volume (10ul of 20ng/ul) for processing.

If submitting more than 8 samples, then samples must be in a 96 well format (either strip tubes or PCR plate(s))

Earth Microbiome Amplicon Libraries (16S/18S/ITS, etc)

gDNA should be sent at a concentration of 2.5ng/ul in a total volume of 10ul