Data Access

HiSeq NextGen sequencing data generated at our facility will be posted as soon as they are ready. Data can be accessed from the dedicated data server where user accounts are hosted with the following credentials:

Server name/ host:
            Username:  yourUserName
             Password:  yourPassWord

Accessing Data

I:  You can access the data by:

  1. Unix/Linux based systems such as:
    • scp
    • sftp
    • rsync
  2. Using graphical download managers such as:

II.  Data can ONLY be accessed via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) on port 22 as shown on the screen capture below).

III.  Once you do that, drag from the server side and drop on your computer side.

IV.  These are huge files, make sure you do this on a computer with a good network connection!

Very Important

  1. Password will be sent in a separate e-mail for security reasons
  2. Do not include server name, user name and password in the same e-mail when requesting information about your account.

Thank you!