Genomic Analysis Services

TapeStation 4200

The TapeStation 4200 service provides comprehensive DNA and RNA sample analysis using Agilent's TapeStation 4200 system. This service offers precise determination of sample size distributions, from 25bp to 65,000bp, with minimal sample usage. Clients receive detailed PDF reports containing digital gel images, electropherograms, and sample measurements. The service aids in quality control, library preparation, and data interpretation for various genomic applications.

Femto Pulse

The Agilent Femto Pulse service provides advanced nucleic acid analysis capabilities, leveraging the Femto Pulse System from Agilent Technologies. This service enables high-resolution analysis of DNA and RNA fragments with exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. By utilizing microfluidic technology, the Femto Pulse System offers precise sizing and quantification of nucleic acid samples across a wide size range, from small fragments to large genomic DNA. The service typically includes sample processing, analysis, and data interpretation, delivering detailed insights into sample quality, integrity, and concentration. It is particularly valuable for applications such as library preparation, quality control, and genomic research where precise nucleic acid characterization is essential.


The BluePippin service offers advanced size selection and purification of DNA fragments. Utilizing the BluePippin system from Sage Science, this service enables precise isolation of DNA fragments based on size, ranging from small to large fragments. The process involves loading samples into gel cassettes, where electrophoresis separates fragments according to size. Selected fractions are then collected, providing highly purified DNA suitable for downstream applications such as library preparation, sequencing, and PCR. The BluePippin service enhances sample quality and improves the efficiency of genomic workflows, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Fluorometric Quantification

The Qubit and Synergy HTX Plate Reader service offers highly accurate nucleic acid quantification for various research needs. Utilizing Qubit's proprietary fluorometric dye technology, this service enables precise quantification of DNA and RNA samples across a wide range of concentrations. The Synergy HTX Plate Reader provides high-throughput capabilities for efficient processing of samples. Assays available include DNA High Sensitivity, DNA Broad Range, and RNA quantification, catering to different sample types and concentrations. The service ensures accurate quantification, facilitating optimal sample preparation and experimental design for genomic studies and other research applications.

Sample Pooling and Normalization

To get as close as possible to a desired number of reads for each sample, it’s important to pool samples in equimolar ratios so each library is evenly represented. It’s important to note that, if libraries to be pooled do not have the same or similar size ranges, then sample distribution (especially after size selection) will require re-pooling and additional sequencing runs.